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The Legend Of Wild Rosie

Wild Rosie

Wild Rosie

Wild Rosie

How do we name the beer here at Millersburg Brewing Company? We pair our beers with local leaders, landmarks, legends and lore.

Wild Rosie holds a common connection throughout our packaging. You will find Wild Rosie on nearly every one of our can labels with a different theme but you will always see Wild Rosie showing off her tail on the back of the label. Legend has it that she was a horse that belonged to a local farmer. Both of them loved beer. When the farmer could sneak away from his work he would take Rosie with him, pulling his wagon. The farmer had a special hitching post about a block from the local Ale House. Upon arrival at the local Ale House, the farmer would take Rosie’s water bucket in with him, asking the bar keep to draw about an inch of beer into the bucket. The farmer would then go to the outside water pump and top off the bucket, mixing water with beer for Rosie. The farmer would take the bucket for Rosie to enjoy while he returned to the Ale House to refresh himself with beverage and talk. Rosie was quite happy for her refreshment, waiting patiently until the farmer was done, quite filled with magical brews and local news. Sometimes the farmer found himself quite directionaly challenged as he tried to head for home, but no fears! Rosie always knew the way. Most nights the farmer would pass out on the way home and Wild Rosie would pull the wagon right to their home and stand waiting for the farmers wife to come out at day break and tell her husband to wake up and get ready for a long days work. Rosie and her farmer were quite a team for many years. So goes the legend of Wild Rosie.