Our vision is simple; create excellent beers with focus on our local and statewide economy. We believe in support local and Ohio craft beer. Our award winning brewery is now distributed throughout Ohio and continue to grow.

1 (330) 674 4728
60 East Jackson St
Millersburg, OH 44654

The Legend Of Wild Rosie


Wild Rosie

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have outside dining or a patio?

No we do not have any outside dining or a patio. However, in the stables we do have 2 very large garage doors that we like to open up when the weather is nice.

Are we dog friendly?

Sadly, we are not. We love dogs and at time, before we added our kitchen we were dog friendly but unfortunately only service dogs are permitted.

Are we open on Sundays?

Unfortunately we are not at this time. We hope to be in the future.

Do you need a reservation?

Not required, not always needed but reservations can never hurt. During the week we generally only have the Taproom open so seats can sometimes be limited. Fridays & Saturdays May-October are our busiest times so we would recommend reservations.