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2021 Year in Review

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2021 Year in Review

We made it to 2022! It’s been a year – 2021 definitely one-upped 2020! To say the least, 2021 was challenging! As many of you know, the labor shortage hit our industry hard. Every day was an obstacle, but somehow, someway, we made it through. I can’t thank our “ride or die” staff enough for sticking with us; they are tired and worn down. Give them a simple “You’re doing a great job”, next time you are in, it really goes a long way.

Not only were labor shortages an issue, product shortages, skyrocketing food costs, and struggling to get the correct grain for our brews also held us back more than expected. And these aren’t even all of the obstacles we faced, just like the rest of you, we are still in the midst of a pandemic. My hope for 2022 is calm & steady, with a mix of fun!

We had our last expansion in 2021, creating more space in the kitchen, and adding 180 barrels of fermentation space to grow into. We’re approaching nine years of business and two of which were during the pandemic. I’m so thankful we’ve made it this far are thriving. It’s been tough to get here, but nothing worth having come easy… it’s a grind.

The New Year always brings me reflection. We’ve grown from five employees to now 35. Additionally, we started out only serving 5 beers on tap we now have 20, packaging around 15 different beers each year. Bar snacks have turned into a full-blown food menu! Distribution wasn’t even a thought at first, but now we work with five distribution houses across Ohio.

All of this is possible due to the ongoing support of our customers, and amazing staff, so THANK YOU for supporting Millersburg Brewing Company. Grab a pint and let’s Cheers to a fun & healthy 2022!

Mara Padden


At the end of the year, we run stats on things like, how many pints did we sell, how many pretzels did we serve, ect… We do this as a way to take our year-end numbers away from what we accomplished financially and instead, we place the focus the amazing job that our staff did. When you see that our small kitchen staff served up 10k burgers, its pretty impressive. So here they are, our 2021 Stats!

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